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If you are a cat group or wish to form your own cat group, and would like to become a national partner, please contact us


isfm national partners

International collaboration with other feline groups

ISFM National Partners – the collaboration of like-minded veterinary cat groups
to provide a working framework for the exchange and dissemination of information,
bringing together the best worldwide expertise in cats.

National Partners are independent organisations which affiliate to ISFM –
there is a collaborative non-political structure without elected positions.

ISFM is the veterinary division of International Cat Care


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What ISFM will provide National Partners with:
  • A reciprocal 'point of contact' for each individual group to liaise with and provide assistance on request from the ISFM office
  • An ISFM National Partner logo for the group’s use
  • Permission and endorsement to translate client information sheets and other material for use with joint branding
  • Translated material and National Partner information can appear on a microsite within the ISFM website dedicated to the National Partner. ISFM will design and maintain the site for Partners Licence to use certain other material
  • Space in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS) for information about the group and its activities
  • Opportunity to have free exhibition space at ISFM Conferences
  • Access to expert speaker list for delivery of feline topics at local conferences and meetings
  • Sharing of information from past experience and projects (eg, screening schemes, competitions, etc) to disseminate
  • Press releases on National Partner activities, where appropriate
  • Forum for group discussion
  • Potential to extend geographical reach of existing awards under ISFM branding, eg, Easy to Give medicine award
  • Annual meeting for update and exchange of ideas
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of a range of international veterinary feline guidelines
  • Opportunity to involve national vet schools in free electronic provision of JFMS to final year students
  • Opportunity to join in campaigns such as ethical breeding, to improve the future welfare of cats
  • Active networking with other international groups (including welfare groups) on common problems and feline issues
What National Partners will share with ISFM:
  • List of members
  • List of contacts at national universities to facilitate final year student opportunities
  • Translation and local adaptation of client information sheets where appropriate (some translations may already exist)
  • Proactive collaboration on feline issues and market data where available
  • Small fee to cover administration costs only (probably around 200 Euros or equivalent).
  • National Partners are asked to encourage wider membership (full or associate) of ISFM




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