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Nederlandse Werkgroep Kattengeneeskunde (NWK),
The Dutch Feline Federation


Welcome to the Nederlandse Werkgroep Kattengeneeskunde (NWK),
the Dutch Feline Federation

In 2009 the Nederlandse Werkgroep Kattengeneeskunde (NWK), the Dutch Feline Federation, was founded. The NWK is a platform for dutch veterinarians with a specific interest in Feline Medicine Vets can share information and are updated with the latest information in Feline Medicine. Currently there are 138 members.
Three or four times a year the NWK  organises interactive meetings. On the basis of articles, studied by the participants, cases are discussed. The meetings are guided by specialists on the discussed topic.  In 2011 we talked about: “the catheterisation of the blocked tomcat”, “GVP use of antibiotics in the cat” , “bloodpressure measurement”and “infectious diseases and vaccination”. In 2012 the topics: “cholangiohepatitis” and “multicathousehold” are planned.
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