Grupo de Interesse Especial em Medicina Felina da APMVEAC

Feline Medicine Special Interest Group of the APMVEAC (Portugal)


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Grupo de Interesse Especial em Medicina Felina

Welcome to the GIEFEL microsite

Here you will find the latest translations of FAB/ISFM information sheets, together with conference information and society news when it is available.

The Special Interest Group on Feline Medicine (GIEFEL) started in 2013 with the main objective to improve the quality of feline medicine in Portugal.

Formed by a dozen of founding members, the group aims at growing and motivating those who have an interest in this area, sharing knowledge and experience and promoting the cat’s well-being.

As such GIEFEL cooperates with international organisations, such as the International Society of Feline Medicine or other counterpart bodies, promotes formation activities, advertises generic information through different communication channels, adopts technical guidelines, keeps an electronic discussion group and organizes meetings to strengthen the link among their members.

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